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Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place on Friday 13th January 2017, at 2pm in the Assembly Rooms.

A Draft Agenda may be downloaded if you click HERE

Minutes of last year's AGM may be downloaded if you click HERE

A Nomination form may be downloaded if you click HERE

Following the AGM, we will have a fun quiz.

JUNE 2016

Many of you will know Zdenek Gregor, one of our members. He is running in the Frome Half Marathon on 17th July as a ‘running partner’ with his friend Liam Harkness who lives in Frome and is totally blind. They are running to raise awareness and funds for ‘Somerset Sight’, a local charity which helps those with no or only partial sight to lead full and active lives. It’s a very worthwhile cause and I expect some of you might like to support it. You can do so ‘on-line’ by visiting the funding page Zdenek has set up for the event.

Click HERE if you would like to make a donation.

Click HERE to visit Somerset Sight's website, where you can see more details of the excellent work they do.

MARCH 2016

Several group pages are updated monthly with pictures and other information relevant to the group. These updates are usually shown linked to the main Group page.

Click HERE for the Birdwatching and Nature Group's page, where there are pictures and details of several outings made by the group.

Click HERE for the Latin is Fun Group's page, where there is a link to a report on the most recent meeting, and if applicable, related pictures and documents.

Click HERE for the General and Local Interest Group's page, where there is a link to pictures and reports of outings made by the group over the past few months.

Click HERE for the Creative Writing Group's page, where there is a link to examples of pieces written by group members.

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Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on Friday 8th January, at 2pm in the Assembly Rooms, and was attended by 79 members. Owing to a small mix-up, which led to some members only being provided with a copy of the wrong minutes for the previous AGM, it was not possible for these to be approved and for any matters arising to be discussed, as per the meeting agenda. Copies of the correct minutes, a vote on their acceptance, and an opportunity to discuss any matters arising, will therefore be provided at the February meeting, which will be on 12th February.

Otherwise the meeting ran smoothly. Tony Bearman stood down as Chairman, having completed two very effective years in the role. He was warmly thanked by members for his major contribution to Frome Third Age over the past few years. Cliff Howard takes over as Chairman, and Veronica Parker was elected to the role of Vice-Chair. All other committee members agreed to stand again for election to their current roles and there being no other nominations for those roles, were automatically re-elected.

Following a discussion as to whether or not there should in future be a main monthly meeting in August, a proposal to have an August meeting was made and seconded, and following a vote by a show of hands, the motion was carried. It was also suggested that as an alternative to the usual meeting format, involving a speaker on a chosen topic, a social event of some kind should be considered. It was agreed that the committee will consider options and come back to members with a proposal at the March meeting, which will be on 11th March.

Following the AGM, fourteen teams competed in a fun quiz.

Guide Dogs

JULY 2015

Following her highly enjoyable talk at the meeting on 3rd July, we presented a cheque for £100 to Hilary Reed who received it on behalf of Guide Dogs For the Blind, from Tony Bearman (Chairman Frome Third Age.

New Groups

12 JUNE 2015

Three new groups are proposed. Firstly an additional book group is being set up. Secondly, a group to meet and play 'Board Games', (or other indoor games), and thirdly, a group to learn 'Conversational Spanish'. Several members have already indicated interest in each of these groups, but if you think you might be interested, please send us an email using the 'Contact Us' section of this website. These groups will probably start in September, and those who have indicated they might like to join will be invited to an initial meeting to discuss and agree when/where to meet, how the group will operate etc.

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