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The Group Co-ordinators are Pat Eames and Tina Williams. The Group meets in Room 2 on the first floor of the Cheese and Grain,(a lift is available), on the second Thursday of each month, from 2.00pm to 4.00pm, unless otherwise advised. Members present programmes of music of their choice, but as always, new ideas will be welcome and may be incorporated into this or future programmes as circumstances permit.

The group can accept more members, so if you are interested, please contact Pat on Frome 464464 or Tina on Frome 301519 or by email to:

The group caters for varied tastes
The range of piano music is vast
Ballet music is so expressive
Dates and programmes for the next round of meetings are as follows:

On 12th April, Pat Eames will present a programme titled 'Music Miscellany'.

On 10th May, Tina Williams will present a programme of 'Gilbert and Sullivan'.

On 14th June, Alan Somerville will present a programme titled 'Two's Company'.

On 12th July, members will go out together for lunch.

On 9th August, Sue Leather will present a programme titled 'Trains and Boats and Planes'.

On 13th September, Ruth Burgess will present a programme of '18th Century Music and more recent vocals'.

On 11th October, Don and Ann Young will present a programme titled 'Seasons of the Year'.

On 8th November, Alan Somerville will present a programme of 'Folk Music and Patriotism'

On 13th December, members will bring along their own choices of 'Christmas Music'

South Pacific
A good film needs good music
Choral music can be inspiring
Christmas Music
Everyone enjoys Christmas music
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