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Speaker and topic
Legal services 8th March 2019

Caroline Fletcher:

Wills, Powers of Attorney and Care Planning
Blue House 12th April

Hilary Daniel:

The History of the Blue House
Black Swan 17th May

Amanda Sheridan:

The Black Swan
Ironbridge 14th June

Cliff Howard:

Appreciating our Heritage
Dorothy House 12th July

Yvonne Brunton:

Behind the Scenes at Dorothy House
13th September

Pam Brewster:

Between Stairs
Spoonbill 11th October

Paul Morton:

The Birds of Poole Harbour
Groups 8th November

Group Coordinators:

Groups Fair
Christmas Tree 13th December

St John's School Choir:

followed by Christmas Tea
Mayerling 14th February

Elizabeth Legge Koop:

The Mayerling Story - the apparent suicide of Rudolph, Crown Prince of Austria
Quaker quilt 13th March

Ann Warren:

The history of the Quakers - in stitches
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