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Latin Smiley
You don't have to love it but it can be fun
Latin Words
Some vocabulary and grammar is taught
Monmouthshire crest
Monmouthshire's motto means 'faithful to both' (i.e. England and Wales)
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Sadly, Wendy Hunt, the Group Co-ordinator, recently had a stroke and so it is with much regret that we must put this group into abeyance for the foreseeable future. Wendy has inspired all those who have so enjoyed this group and everyone in Frome 3A who knows Wendy has been saddened by her illness. We will miss her lovely smile and welcoming disposition and wish her to make good and steady progress so that she can come back and join us again soon.

Carpe Diem
'Seize the day!' - one of many Latin expressions still in common use
Roman Game
An understanding of how to play many Roman games has survived
Botanical Latin
Latin is widely used in botanical naming
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